NCSPP Mid-Winter Conference

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NCSPP 2018 Mid-Winter Conference

Diversity Actualization: Manifesting Diversity in Programs, Policies, and Practices for Community Well-being



January 15-19, 2018

Las Vegas, NV

Conference Registration:  

Our 2018 Conference Registration is ready for business!   

Please register directly at: 

Hotel Reservations:  

The hotel reservation link is now on the LODGING page, but do please make sure you book your room as quickly as possible.  We have a good block but as always it will go quickly so do make your room reservation even if you can’t make your conference registration yet.  Here is the link again:

A Night to Remember Event: 

Don’t miss this great Event!  There is an extra charge but 50% of the fee will be going to support the relief efforts in Puerto Rico – you ARE able to pay for this event separately if your program will not cover it.  The system will allow you to make a partial payment, but if you have any questions or problems just let Jeannie know ( and she will take care of it for you. 

COA Workshops 

APA is once again providing these great workshops.  There is no fee to attend the workshops ONLY!  If you are not attending the conference but want to attend one of the workshops only email Jeannie ( and she will get you in touch with the right contact person.

2018 NCSPP Presentation Dropbox:  

In order to give our presenters flexibility in updating their presentation slides, references, and even resources, we have created the 2018 NCSPP Conference Dropbox folder within our Dropboxaccount. This will allow presenters time to finalize their slides while also permitting LIVE access by all attendees to this year’s mid-winter conference. Please go to (username email:; password: ncspp2017). For upload and download instructions, please reference the NCSPP 2018 Conference DROPBOX Instructions pdf document.