Core Curriculum in Professional Psychology

The Core Curriculum in Professional Psychology

Roger L. Peterson, James D. McHolland, Russell J. Bent,
Elizabeth Davis-Russell, Glenace E. Edwall, Kenneth Polite,
David L. Singer, & George Stricker


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Part I—Core Curriculum: General Considerations

Chapter 1
The Social, Relational, and Intellectual Context of the Core Curriculum and the San Antonio Conference. Roger L. Peterson

Chapter 2
Toward a Competency-Based Core Curriculum in Professional Psychology: A Critical History. Bruce J. Weiss

Chapter 3
Social Construction of the Core Curriculum in Professional Psychology. Roger L. Peterson

Chapter 4
Academic-Scientific Core Curriculum. Frank M. Webbe, Philip D. Farber, Glenace E. Edwall, & Keith J. Edwards

Chapter 5
Teaching the Core Curriculum. Marc Lubin & George Stricker

Chapter 6
National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology Core Curriculum Survey. Andrea Morrison, Lynn O’Connor, & Barbara Williams

Chapter 7
Faculty Opinions on the Core Curriculum: A Survey. Kathi A. Borden & Gary L. Mitchell

Chapter 8
Innovations in Curriculum: The Use of Personal Computers in Training Professional Psychologists. Kjell Erik Rudestam

Chapter 9
Core Curricular Change: Barriers and Strategies for Achieving Meaningful Change. W. Gary Cannon & James D. McHolland

Part II—The Professional Core Competency Areas

Chapter 10
The Professional Core Competency Areas. Russell J. Bent

Chapter 11
Relationship Competency. Kenneth Polite & Edward Bourg

Chapter 12
Assessment Competency. Steven N. Gold & Frank De Piano

Chapter 13
Intervention Competency. Russell J. Bent & Richard Cox

Chapter 14
Research and Evaluation Competency: Training the Local Clinical Scientist. Steven J. Trierweiler & George Stricker

Chapter 15
Consultation and Education Competency. Robert J. Illback, Charles A. Maher, & David Kopplin

Chapter 16
Management and Supervision Competency. Russell J. Bent, Nancy Schindler, & James E. Dobbins

Part III—Broadening the Core Curriculum

Chapter 17
Broadening the Core Curriculum. Glenace E. Edwall

Chapter 18
The Self, the Student, and the Core Curriculum: Learning From the Inside Out. David L. Singer, Roger L. Peterson, & Ethel Magidson

Chapter 19
Women and the Core Curriculum. Glenace E. Edwall & Nancy Newton

Chapter 20
Ethnic Diversity and the Core Curriculum. Elizabeth Davis-Russell, Wesley T. Forbes, Joseph Bascuas, & Eduardo Duran

Part IV—Conference Resolutions

Chapter 21
National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology Core Curriculum Conference Resolutions. James D. McHolland


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